Hair density

A full bundle of hair: that is what almost everyone wants. Unfortunately, the hair can fall out for a variety of reasons, making the hair thinner. This can also cause baldness in the long run. Fortunately this can be solved in many cases with a hair transplant. We successfully perform hair transplants every day. We use all kinds of innovative techniques for the most natural result possible.

The importance of correct hair density

 Even with a full and healthy head of hair, the hair is not equally thick everywhere. The density of our hair varies per square centimeter between 60 and 90 hair follicles. For a natural result and the right appearance of your face, it is important to strive for the original density as much as possible with a FUE hair transplant. Our medical team can place the hair follicles (grafts) with high hair density in your scalp. The treatment can be tailored as much as possible to your personal hair situation.

Factors that play a role in a FUE hair transplant

 Whether we can best apply a low, medium or high hair density depends on various factors. The supply of donor hair and the required quantity, for example, play an important role. The specialist must take into account the age of the patient. Because you get older, you can lose even more hair. The FUE hair transplantation must therefore be carried out in such a way that your new hair will continue to look natural in the future.

Above: Male hair loss stages Below: Female hair loss stages

Advantages of an experienced medical team

Although our medical team will make optimum use of donor hair, there is not always enough donor hair available for the desired hair density. Fortunately, our medical team can still make your hair appear fuller with a limited number of suitable donor hairs. How the final result will depend on the quality of your donor hair. For example, a good quality with a lesser density of the hair may appear fuller than a low quality with a high density.

Hair transplants at Esteuniq

We have a lot of experience with FUE hair transplants. If you suffer from baldness, you can safely contact us. We find a natural result extremely important and therefore give extra attention to the optimal direction of hair growth and the maximum hair density.

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