Hair problems

Many men and women are ashamed or experience it as a taboo to talk about uncertainties about their own body, such as hair problems. You may recognize this. However, if you suffer from hair problems, you do not have to worry about it. We offer treatments that work against various types of hair problems. Baldness, hair loss or over-hair can be treated well and we are happy to offer you different treatment methods.

Our ambition is that you can look in the mirror again with full self-confidence and satisfaction. After all, nobody should feel unhappy with his or her own body. Innovative treatment methods against hair problems bring more satisfaction. In all cases you can count on a personal advice and treatment plan and the best possible care. We will show you a clear overview of the treatment and the possible results in advance.

Types of hair problems

Hair loss can manifest itself in various ways. The receding hairline is usual. Something that does not have to be a problem in itself and is often unavoidable. However, this can occur at a very young age or go faster than you would like. In similar cases, very good results are possible with hair transplants, where hairs and their roots are permanently transplanted to the balding area. There is also a lot to do against unwanted hair growth. Some laser treatments can permanently remove the vast majority of unwanted hair.

A treatment at Esteuniq

We are known for our cooperation with people from different disciplines, where each brings his own expertise for cosmetic treatments. We strive to combine a broad and innovative approach with high-quality patient care.

Do you have to deal with one of these problems or do you want to know more about our treatment methods and their results? Do not hesitate and contact us via our WhatsApp number +31685175722, or our contact form on our website. We will be happy to talk to you about your problems and come up with a personalized advice and customized treatment plan.