The appearance of your face is determined by several factors. The shape of your nose, the position of the eyes, the shape of the mouth and the height of the hairline give character to your characteristic. The beauty of a face, however, depends on the equality between all these elements. The ratio between the nose, mouth, eyes and hair is very important. The face can be divided into three equal parts. A receding hairline, however, makes the forehead too long compared to the rest of the face. The face thereby loses its equality with the result that part of its attraction is lost. Fortunately, there is an effective option to lower the hairline.

Filling the hairline: the FUE method

Filling a hairline can be done in different ways. We do that through a FUE hair transplant. The collection of hair follicles by means of a micro-motor is done by a specialized team. The specialists can deliver customized work. Attention is paid to the optimum direction of hair growth and the maximum hair density, so that the result is as natural as possible. Of course, the correct face equality is also monitored by our experienced specialist. A good FUE hair transplant not only ensures a new head of hair, but also brings equality back to your face. It is therefore important that the hairline is brought back to the right level and that the transplanted area flows naturally and smoothly into the existing hair.

Transplanting hair with a lasting result

With us you can count on expert treatment. We can treat you with a lasting result. The transplanted hairs do not fall out because the hairs in the donor area are insensitive to baldness. They are immune to the DHT hormone that is responsible for hair loss. The hairs are transplanted from the donor area to the receding hairline. Do you suffer from a receding hairline? Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation FUE hair transplant consultation. We will then explain everything about the treatment and we will discuss your wishes.