How is the treatment performed?


Based on your photos and depending on your hair loss situation, the appropriate method is first determined and then detailed how the treatment works and what the results of hair density and hair volume are – and then detailed: how the treatment works and what hair density and volume results are expected. During your consultation with our specialists, we plan enough time to ask you questions about your specific treatment plan for hair loss. Our specialists will resolve all your worries and explain every step of your hair transplant plan.

You finally made the choice to have hair loss permanently resolved. Your trip to Istanbul is being planned.

The treatment

After you have arrived in Istanbul you will meet our medical team. They all have their own function during the day.

Your blood is only taken for certain tests.

Your hair is completely or partially shaved (neck part). The lines of the receiving area and your donor area are then drawn. Your specialist will show you this with a mirror. After both you and the specialist have agreed we will switch to treatment.

The first step in the treatment is the application of local anesthetics in the donor area (neck area), where the hair roots are collected one by one by means of a micro-motor. The duration of this step varies between 1.5 – 2 hours. At the same time, the collected hair roots are cleaned by a special growth fluid and prepared for transplantation.

After lunch, small incisions are made in the scalp using a special instrument. This is the preparatory phase for the actual transplant. The duration of this step varies between 1 – 1.5 hours.

Local anesthetics are applied in the receiving area in the final phase. The previously collected hair roots are transplanted one by one into the previously drawn receiving area. This is a hugely accurate and time-consuming step in the process. Depending on the number of hair follicles collected, the duration varies between 2 – 2.5 hours.

As soon as we have completed the treatment, you will receive a dressing on the back. Finally, you will receive a CarePack (medication, shampoo and repair lotion). We will explain exactly what you should pay attention to during your stay in Istanbul. We will also inform you in detail how to use the medication, how to sleep and what you can and cannot do during your stay in Istanbul.


We will fully guide you for your well-being during your stay in Istanbul and monitor your recovery and progression monthly when you get home.

End result

Van het eerste consult, tot de transplantatie, tot de controles en nazorg zijn wij altijd direct voor u beschikbaar. Wij houden contact met u na uw behandeling waarbij we samen de uitkomst van de behandeling bespreken.

De follow-up van uw resultaten vinden plaats vanaf de 1e tot 12e maand na uw behandeling. In de tussentijd zijn wij altijd beschikbaar en tot uw beschikking voor uw vragen of opmerkingen per telefoon of per e-mail. Wij garanderen uw behandelresultaten!

Benieuwd wat wij voor u kunnen betekenen? Wij maken ruim tijd om uw vragen te beantwoorden en de reis uit te leggen. Gebruik onze Whatsapp contact button, of het contactformulier om een vrijblijvend consult aan te vragen.

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