You have finally made the decision. You will soon undergo a hair transplant in Turkey. Not only aftercare is important but also precare is essential for a good end result

What should you take into account before you undergo the treatment? 

  • Do not use aspirin, blood-thinning medicines or alcohol 48 hours before treatment.
  • Wear clothing with buttons or zipper that you can easily put on and take off after treatment without touching your head.
  • If you use medication (diabetes, heart, blood pressure, etc.), you should discuss this with your doctor and inform us before treatment.
  • Do not use gel or hair spray for treatment.


For a quick and successful recovery, it is important that you follow the following instructions carefully:

  • Use the prescribed medication that you will receive after treatment.
  • After the operation you will receive a special hat, which you should wear when you go outside.
  • Swimming, sauna and solarium are not allowed during 1 month after the treatment.
  • You can exercise again after 2 weeks.
  • Exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited.
  • Use the shampoo and repair lotion as indicated during the demonstration.

Important information 

  • The first 3-4 days swelling may occur around your head and eyes. Massaging from the center to the sides can help. The swelling goes away by itself.
  • It is important that you wash your scalp well to prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells. Due to the accumulation, the process of getting through new hair can block and thereby cause infection.
  • After the treatment, small red scabs may develop which become flakes after a few days. It is strongly advised against scratching. It is best to gently press on itching.
  • Within 1 month your implanted hair will fall out and new hairs will grow. Small pimples may occur, which is very normal.
  • After 6 to 9 months all hair roots will have grown.
  • The end result is achieved after 12 months.