PRP treatment


A PRP treatment or platelet-rich plasma is a relatively unknown method for many people, who finds applications in various procedures such as hair transplants or facelifts. Treatment with PRP means that the specialist uses the healing power of your blood for skin and hair improvement.

We use the PRP treatment in particular to stimulate hair growth. The PRP treatment positively influences the end result after a hair transplant.

How does a PRP treatment work?

To carry out the treatment, the specialist will take a small amount of blood from you. By centrifuging this, the blood plasma with a high concentration of platelets and white blood cells is filtered. After the red blood components have been removed, another centrifuge takes place, after which white blood cells and platelets remain. This residue forms the actual platelet-rich plasma, or plasma that is rich in platelets that contain growth factors and bioactive proteins. With a PRP treatment for the hair, this plasma is injected into the hairy scalp to stimulate hair growth. PRP can also be injected in combination with a FUE hair transplant. As a result, a thicker and better hair quality can be achieved and less bleeding, swelling, bruising and the patient would experience less pain. There is also better adhesion and adhesion of the grafts.


Results after a PRP treatment

The treatment has a different effect for everyone. It ensures that hair loss is slowed down or possibly stopped altogether. At some patients the hair even becomes considerably thicker. This is again very dependent on how strong the hair loss is.

Advantages of PRP treatment:

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Can also be applied after a hair transplant
  • Stimulates the growth of the hair follicle
  • Helps for rapid healing after a hair transplant
  • No risks
  • Makes the hair follicles become stronger
  • Improves damaged and thin hair
  • A preventive effect in the event of hair loss

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